You Can Silently Leave A Whatsapp Group Chat Now

WhatsApp which is the most commonly used messaging App is updating often. The choice of leaving a group chat silently has been implemented lately. That is in August 2022. Once this feature is applied, a person can leave a group chat silently; With the notification for the group admin only. So finally, WhatsApp lets you leave a group chat silently.

whatsapp group chat privacy

WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp is a free messaging application most widely used in the world. More than two million use it currently. This shows the vitality of WhatsApp chats or messages. You can message your family, friends, and neighbor safely on WhatsApp. With your phone’s internet connection, WhatsApp can send messages. Hence, your SMS charges are reduced, with only a small amount of data charges.

WhatsApp Features

  • Text Messages

Text messages are the most valued mode of communication after voice calls. Text messages convey what you want to tell in a way that doesn’t annoy or disturb the user, as voice messages would do at times. You can text messages on WhatsApp when you have an internet connection. Messaging on WhatsApp is simple. It is also reliable.

  • Group Chat

Group chat is one of the main reasons why WhatsApp is used for. You can keep in touch with your friends. Also can join educational groups or business groups where you can find benefits through your school, college, university or office.

  • Availability on Desktop and on the Web

You can chat on WhatsApp through your convenient device. The device doesn’t need to be a smartphone always. Also can experience WhatsApp features on your desktop. You can sync all your devices to your computer.

  • Voice and Video Calls

You can talk to your family or friends through voice calls or video calls, even when they are out of the country. Voice calls let you talk for a longer time without having to worry about your mobile phone’s voice minutes plan. A face-to-face conversation feeling arises through video calls. If you want to talk to more than one person at a time, you can make a conference call. This feature is very useful in your work, and also in your online interviews. You can do all of these, with only a reasonable data charge.

  • Default Security

 WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption features where your chats or personal moments are secured. They are not given to any third party. The messages, chats, or calls are shared with your intended receiver only. Even WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your messages.

  • Photos and Videos

Regardless of the type of network connection that you have, WhatsApp is ideal to send and receive photos and other media. There is also a built-in camera from which you can share the moments which are most valued by you.

  • Voice Messages

You can voice message in addition to typing text messages. Text message needs extra time and concern than voice messages. You can just say ‘Hello’ or some other longer voice clip you want. It is easy and user-friendly to make a voice message.

  • Documents

You can share documents up to a hundred MB of size; without the need to download sharing apps or without needing to email which is always formal. You can share documents such as Word documents, PDFs, Spreadsheets, and Slideshow with ease.

Group Chat on WhatsApp

At times, it becomes essential to chat in a group; in addition to individual messages. You might group chat with the ones who matter to you the most. That is, with family, friends, or co-workers. There are various kinds of WhatsApp groups or group chats. That is family groups, friends groups, and old batch groups from your school or university. Also, you might find group chats such as educational chats, business chats, etc., on groups.

You can share messages, videos, photos, voice records, documents, and other media through WhatsApp group chats. You can share all of these with, up to 260 people at once. Each group holds a name and occasionally a group icon. It might have an about status. You can customize notifications through your group info and settings.

Leaving a WhatsApp group silently

The updated policies of WhatsApp give you the option of leaving a group chat silently. You can leave a group without notifying other members. Sometimes you may not want to reveal to all the members of the group that you are leaving the chat. Reasons may vary, for example, the group members might be out of your contact list. You might not need to draw the attention of all others due to leaving the group. 

The feature of leaving a group chat silently is especially welcomed by those who don’t want attention to be drawn. It protects their privacy. You also can block or mute unwanted group chats, in addition to leaving the group.

How to leave a group chat silently on WhatsApp?

The following steps show how to leave a WhatsApp group silently or without notifying others. Adhere to these steps and you will achieve what you want. 

  • First, you have to open WhatsApp.
  • There will be three sections on the toolbar; chats, statuses, and calls.
  • In the chats section, there are two types of chats. That is messages or chats with you and another person and group chats.
  • Select the group chat from which you have to leave silently. 
  • There you will see the group info, right on the top toolbar.
  • Click on it.
  • In the group info, you will find the following options; Mute notifications, custom notifications, media visibility, etc.
  • Pause at this point for a while before coming back from settings, which you will find in the following steps.
  • Come to Settings of your Android device or iPhone.
  • In your settings, you will see various kinds of Apps that are available on your phone.
  • Scroll down and select the application of WhatsApp.
  • On the WhatsApp app info, you will find, ‘Notifications’.
  • Tap on ‘Notifications’.
  • There, in the chat section, you will find two types of notifications; Group notifications and message notifications.
  • Tap on ‘Group Notifications.
  • Disable group notifications; Slide the small button there, to left. It will turn grey from blue.
  • You can now return to WhatsApp.
  • Tap on ‘mute notifications’ which you have opened earlier.
  • You will see three mute options; Mute notifications for eight hours, one week and one year, or Always.
  • If you want to leave the group for a longer time, select one year or Always.
  • Tap on ‘OK’.
  • Tap on ‘Exit Group’. It will remove all the group chat messages, media, and records.
  • Now tap on ‘Delete Group’.

There, you have left the group chat on WhatsApp silently. In other words, you have left the group without causing the notification that you have left the group to appear on the group.

Closing Remarks

You can finally leave a group without causing an alert. The WhatsApp conversations are secured by the introduction of new features and updates; the best example is, leaving a WhatsApp group silently without notification. It provides protection and more control over the messages of a WhatsApp group chat.  This also gives you a safer feeling and satisfaction. So, as a result of WhatsApp always valuing your privacy, you can finally leave a group chat silently.

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