How Can I Change The Font Size On iPhone?

Changing the font size on iPhone becomes necessary due to several reasons. For example, changing the font to bigger sizes may help senior citizens and the ones who are visually impaired. Senior citizens may benefit from the iPhone’s apps, such as contacts and messages being turned into bigger fonts. The ones with visual difficulties may also benefit from this feature. Changing the font size smaller may aid in viewing higher content on iPhone. That is, there would be more content on the phone, for example, the desktop view on the phone. This becomes essential for the workers who do their job online through the phone at times. 

iPhones are the most advanced smartphones nowadays. iPhones are well known for their user-friendly, high in quality features. iPhone’s touch sensitivity is very high. If you have an iPhone, it is akin to a handheld computer on your hands. iPhones are faster and have a smooth outflow of systems. They also have a long life compared to other smartphones. iPhone’s camera is designed to the near perfection of a videographer’s dream camera. These are some of the attributes which make an iPhone highly valued.

The font size on iPhone

The typography or style and art of printings on the iPhone matter in its usability. A point which is roughly equal to the size of a full stop is called a pt. It is used to measure font sizes on typography. The size of a point or ‘pt’ is between 0.18mm to 0.4mm. Thirty-six points equal half an inch. 

The convenient size for eyes on the iPhones are;

  • 17pt for paragraphs, text and links.
  • 17pt for form controls, that button and text inputs.
  • 15pt for secondary texts.
  • 13pt for tertiary texts, caption segments and buttons.
  • 10pt for Tab bar and Action bar.

The above sizes make it easier to view the fonts. Above 17pt sometimes occupies more space. Below 10 pt makes the text harder to view for a long time. 

Why does it become essential to change the font size on iPhone?

For example, if you are switching between two models of iPhones, such as the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Mini. In such instances, you may need to change the font size. Otherwise, you may need adaptability for it, which consumes time for a new user. Here in this instance, reducing font size helps you. At times of your wish, you may increase the font size. 

How to change the font size on iPhone?

It is easy to change the font size on an iPhone. You don’t need to download special applications. There is an in-built system for this purpose. The built-in app’s proficiency is higher, It is easy and user-friendly. 

There are two methods to change the font size on iPhone. Method 1 is good for altering text size on iPhone. You may use Method 2 to enlarge texts, which is specially designed to enlarge texts. 

Method 1

  1. Go to settings on iPhone.
  2. In the third category, there is a button called ‘Display and Brightness. Click on it.
  3. On that button, Tap on the ‘text size option.
  4. On the bottom, you can see a line with a white circle in the middle. 
  5. The middle point shows the actual size.
  6. Click on the right to enlarge the font size. 
  7. Click on the left to decrease the font size.

how to change font size on iphone

Method 2

  1. Tap on Settings on iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Accessibility tab in the third category.
  3. On the tool Accessibility, there is a button called ‘Display and Text size’.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Its second bullet point points to ‘larger text’.
  6. Click on it to enlarge the text.

There is also a scroll bar in the bottom line where you can adjust your font to different sizes. If you scroll to the right, the text becomes bigger. If you roll to the left, the text becomes smaller.

how to change font size on iphone 2

Some more features of font to change on iPhone

You can bold the text by following the above method 2.

  • Follow through steps 1 to 4.
  • On the ‘Display and Text’, the first bullet point points to ‘Bold Text.
  • Click on it. 

The text can be bolded for convenient view potential.  Normally, one or a few words can be bolded in a text of a few verdicts. It figures out the main information clearly. 

Apps that are compatible with font size changes on iPhone

Font size changes may not be compatible with each and every text. For example, the default size of the name of Apps cannot be changed. But for contacts, messages, calendars, email, phone, and notes, font size can be altered.

  • Contacts

Contacts play an important role in the usage of phones. It is not worthwhile if the font size on contacts isn’t viewable. So you can change the font size in your contacts to the desired size.

  • Message

Text messages play a vital role in today’s world of communication. The font size change on messages on iPhone is an inevitable feature for the convenience of the users.

  • Calendar

You can schedule events and meetings through the calendar App on iPhones. Thereby, you can even plan a worksheet on the calendar app. For these purposes, the ability to change the font size is indeed helpful.

  • Email

Email is a key feature that brings out many prominent messages. The font size changeability on iPhone is highly desirable in email usage.

  • Phone

The font size of the text on the iPhone’s display can be altogether changed, except for a few constraints.

  • Notes

‘Notes’ on iPhone, A unique feature compatible with iPhone’s operating system. It is a note-taking App that is particularly useful for educational and work-related purposes. Changing the font size on Notes is highly an appreciable feature.

What font does iPhone interface use?

The iPhone uses 34pt as the largest font size. It is approximately equal to half an inch. The default size of text-based actions is 17pt. 

iPhones use ‘the Helvetica’ font. It is on iPhones 3G and iPhone 3Gs. The later model, iPhone 4, used the font ‘Helvetica Neue’. iPhosevenes 7 and iPhone 8 use ‘Helvetica Ultra Light’ or ‘Helvetica Light’. With the upgrading of the iPhone’s operating system from iOS 8 to iOS 9, a similar font, ‘San Franci,sco’ is used. It is used by iPhone 10, iPhone11, and iPhone 13. It is commonly called ‘SF Pro’ for iPhones with operating systems of iOS 12 and iOS 13. The latest version of iOS 14 has the adaptability to change fonts. For default use, it has New York fonts and San Francisco fonts.

iPod models prior to iPhone use are Chicago, Espy Sans or Myriad. Font Helvetica came into usage with the introduction of the iPhone. 


Hence, the necessity for a change in font size on phones is unavoidable. Many users get benefits from Apple’s change of font size ability on iPhones. It is worthwhile to attain various types of actions using texts and their fonts. Font size may vary between different texts on different apps on the phone and different models of iPhones. That is because the iPhones’ sizes vary between various types of them. 

So as to perform the desired action in a smooth way, Switching between different types of fonts becomes essential. This attribute is obtained through the inbuilt app on iPhones which makes it convenient for the reader or the user. 

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