YouTube Revanced APK 1.18.0 | Download APK for Android

YouTube Revanced is an improved version of YouTube Vanced for Android. It has many new features which the normal YouTube app does not have. Some of these are ad-free watching, background playback of videos, removing watermarks, etc. These features are ranked as Premium tools in the simpler visions. Thus, the users have to purchase them to enjoy it.

revanced apk download

YouTube Revanced has already found its way through the new generation due its exclusive features and availability.

Revanced Download

Revanced v1.18.0

YouTube Revanced Features

  1. Revanced can block the advertisements disturbing the videos while playing.
  2. The videos can be set to play even when you open other apps in the mobile.
  3. Options of repeated play and automatic play are allowed.
  4. YouTube Shorts can be enabled or disabled.
  5. The watermarks of the content, printed by owners, can be hidden or erased.
  6. The playback speed of the videos can be altered.
  7. The display quality of the videos can be altered. 
  8. YouTube Revanced allows you to directly download the videos to your device.
  9. The comment section can be hidden or unhidden as you choose.
  10. You can dislike videos, just like in the very old versions of YouTube.
  11. The trending or suggested videos can be hidden by choice.
  12. You can control the displaying of the video description and the related.
  13. It has volume controllers which work as gestures to the screen.
  14. It has brightness controllers which work as swiping gestures.
  15. You can apply themes for the app as you prefer. 
  16. The Revanced app icon is customizable by settings.
  17. The options of display sizes, like full screen or fit to screen, are available.
  18. The video sounds can be translated to other languages, allowing debugging of the videos. 
  19. Allows plenty of subtitle languages for each video.
  20. The sponsor imposed commercials can be blocked by choice.

How to Install YouTube Revanced APK?

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version of the YouTube app on your device.

Step 2: Install the MicroG latest version to the device as well.

Step 3: Open your browser and type “Community Revanced Manager”

Step 4: Select the original website and install the Community Revanced Manager onto your device.

Step 5: Now open the new Revanced Manager. Go to the “Patcher” tab.

Step 6: You will see a list of apps. Select on YouTube APK and download it.

Step 7: Now you will find different Patches that you can add. Select what you need to have on your YouTube.

Step 8: Once all you want is selected, click on “Build”.

Step 9: Next you will have to wait for some time until your YouTube Revanced app is built.

Step 10: Now click on “Install” and wait for the app to get installed to your device.

Step 11: Go to your Home screen and open the new YouTube Revanced app. You are ready to enjoy watching videos limitlessly.

Safety and Legality of YouTube Revanced

YouTube Revance is a self-building app. It is totally safe to download and install to your devices. There will be no harm even in using it when downloading content from it. Also, there will be risk of your personal data being shared with a third party. So there is nothing to worry about using the app on your device.

Yet, the legality of YouTube Revanced is debatable. It cannot be found in Google Play Store. The users will have to build and download it. The reason for this is that Revanced is not in line with the Terms of the original YouTube app. It gives extra features, which are otherwise meant to be Premium features. However, ith is not completely illegal as it does not create any new content. Revanced is already in use in many of the countries.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Revanced


  • Ability to watch videos without getting disturbed by ads.
  • Ability to customize the app as you prefer.
  • Options to hide and unhide Shorts, video description and related videos.
  • Contains all the Premium features for free.
  • Ability to remove watermarks and backgrounds of what you watch.
  • Possibility of listening to a video from your own language; debugging. 
  • Can be used even when you have the original YouTube app on your mobile yet.


  • The process of downloading the app can be quite complicated.
  • There is a possible risk of hacker attacks.
  • Since many components need to be downloaded, always choose the official websites for each. Otherwise, there can be malware problems to the device.
  • The users do not get direct Customer Support as yet.

YouTube Revanced FAQs

Q: Is YouTube Revanced safe to use?

A: Yes. The app is fully safe to download and use. But make sure you download all the components only from the official websites. This can help you avoid malware attacks.

Q: How do I get updates of the Revanced app?

A: YouTube Revanced does not get auto-updates. Instead you should check in the websites and get the latest update. You have to manually download it and reinstall.

Q: Is YouTube Revanced free of charge?

A: Yes. The app is fully cost-free. You can simply download and use it on your devices and enjoy it. Most importantly, the Premium features do not require a payment either. 

Q: Can I use both YouTube and YouTube Revanced on my device?

A: You can have both the apps on your device. But running them in parallel can cause sound confusion. Other than that it is totally fine to use both together. You can log into the same YouTube account with Revanced as well. 

Final Words

YouTube Revanced can give you the best YouTube experience you ever had. You will be thrilled about its wonderful features. For a smooth and easy watching, YouTube Revanced is the best Option.

Since the app is safe and available in almost all the world, anyone can easily get it and use it. It solves the problems that YouTube users have been facing for this long. Ad-blocking, background playback and removing watermarks are a few exclusive features.

If you are a YouTube fan, YouTube Revanced will solve all your problems completely cost-free. You can enjoy the videos up to the maximum satisfaction.

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